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re: final evaluations - LSTC Interns' Weblog

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July 10th, 2006

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02:53 pm - re: final evaluations
(For some reason, LiveJournal would not let me post a reply, so I will try the reply here - sorry for the "specificness" of the reply, meant for just two people)

Ben and Heidi,

Thanks for your responses. It seems like we are all in agreement about the "stupidity" of such ratings! I think a 1-10 Scale would be much more helpful! Anywhoo..

Yes, I am a little sad too about internship being almost over. I have been so warmly received here, and have had such a great working relationship with my supervisor, that it would be really easy to just stay! But it will be nice to finish up the classes, too - and actually someday get a little more than an intern's stipend! :)

Take care, and we'll see you in August!

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